Environmental Design TENT will provide a space for business matching among companies, organizations, embassies and designers, and the exhibitions of “environment” for PR and sales purposes through design. Environmental Design TENT as the main content of the exhibition, which is a collaboration between “environment” and “design & art”. TENT will be deco- rated with an image of streets, and the various booths with dif- ferent size and heights will be located inside TENT. Check out your favorite products and designs walking through the street.


    ARIGATO Hot water bottle Object.

    I expressed with the hot water bottle."The heart got warm" like this.A form for it to be soft and hold. A hole is a hole of the heart. Red and white imagine Japan. A form which is connected with everybody.

    Environmental design tent
    4-3-27-205 Shibuya Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
    Tel +81(0)3-3407-9393 Website


    When we sit side by side, we feel “NUKUMORI (warmth)” of each other and our bonding deepens. We would like to create the world where all the people in the world care for each other hand in hand no matter what happens. We have put our mind of gratefulne Environmental design tent

    Tel +81(0)47-311-3308 Website


    For all the people who would like to keep a thing much longer. TOWA is the light & shade which you can make your own light with form as you like by your arrangement. You will feel it Eternity.

    Environmental design tent
  • Cabinet

    The cabinet is decorated by many plastics.The plastic is modeled from the container of various products.It is the reuse which put small gratitude. Environmental design tent

    Tel +81(0)3-3791-4455 Website
    Contact: masashi sawad
  • Masaki Takahashi


    “By one billet two rings are created” –KIZUNA ring (NEJIRU)– The trace of the common history (manufacturing process) gives the wedding rings the meaning of a "bond".  “Mokume-Gane” craft is used.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel +81(0)3-3408-7863 Website
    Contact: Tomohiro Okaue
  • Shinichiro Nakai

    Dry landscape garden

    I am thankful to the people who sent water. And I thought that I would make the work in character with Japan. And I reused the PET bottle, likened the shell with the stone, and expre Environmental design tent

    Contact: Shinichiro Nakai
  • Kenji Kojima


    Notice the natural thing to be in a life of every day. Feel relation with the person in a life of every day. Continuing a daily life, without changing is set to "ARIGATO."

    Environmental design tent

  • Masanobu Hizawa


    Flowers were bloomed on the ground where rubbles were removed, at the thicket of the roadside, at the yard of the cafe which resumed. This is collage made with flowers of TOHOKU as a sign of recovery.

    Environmental design tent
    Tel +81(0)3-5791-2231 Website
    Contact: Masanobu Hizawa

    koke shinobu

    One day,it was a chair overgrown with moss in my garden.That covered the archetype and flaunt the life by oneself.Artificial material coexist with nature. They create new power.This is a big seed for us loving give birth to something.

    Environmental design tent

  • BURE


    “ARIGATO PENCIL” are a set of rainbow colored pencils. Earthquake victims in Japan have received a lot of support around the world. Drawing with thanks will become a universal communication tool.

    Environmental design tent

    Contact: Shota Higashi+Masaichi Ninomiya
  • Ma.Cosimo

    Petit Signale

    We send a feeling of Japan to the world.The petit Signale is the message medium which a tradition and high technology made.The Echizen Japanese paper made with a tradition of 1500 is processed with a laser.

    Environmental design tent

    Contact: Ma.Cosimo


    We don't have an envelope which delivers a feeling of appreciation  even in Japan where values "appreciation". So I propose "Arigato Bukuro" as expression of hearty appreciation. I hope that the heart of Japanese culture that we can be proud of will be spread Environmental design tent

    Tel +81(0)3-5772-1621 Website
    Contact: Nakamura
  • LUNA..CLIP..


    I belive that a lot of people just keep running to get own your goal in your life. So, if you really want to get it you should express one's deep appreciation whom supporting you!above all.

    Environmental design tent
    Contact: yumi karatani
  • Another Report YASUTO TAHARA
    To start the brand new earth with "A"
    To bring back the brand new earth, we must start with A as in beginning, A wild animal and A in the first syllable of Arigato.
    Environmental design tent
  • Edmond Lai

    Water in love

    In love then you only need water, love is very simple.

    Environmental design tent

  • Lisa Graham

    Grow Love

    To have love in our lives,we need to focus on growing and nurturing love. Keeping love at the forefront of our thoughts, forever in our sight, helps up bring more love into not only our lives, but the lives of those around us.

    Environmental design tent

  • Miyuki Tanaka


    Environmental design tent

  • Ana Tevsic


    "Kiss" is a wall-mounted hanger which, once put up on the wall, makes a statement of love with huge kisses. During difficult times, showing affection and appreciation with long hugs and kisses is a way to show your support for one another. Seal your support with a kiss!

    Environmental design tent

  • Fung Dik Him, Edmund

    World. Japan. Connected with Love.

    We are all connected because of Japan. With Love.

    Environmental design tent

  • Koushi Ogawa Environmental design tent

  • Junko Yanagihori


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    Environmental design tent
  • Ahn, Byeongguk

    Loves 365 days

    Environmental design tent

  • Grace Lee

    For You

    A simple drawing piece to express thanks. The message is for you.

    Environmental design tent



    A cane for two. Inspired by the mutual support that gives a great sense of security within our relationships. It aims to remind us how important it is to have someone beside both in good times and in bad. It expresses the gratitude to the loved one as you and your knuckles tou Environmental design tent

  • Tsui Chee Ho Chase Jose


    "THAT SHORE" represents the deep meaning of Arigato, the rarity in "en" (縁).  It is a pier for Japanese people to thank their loved ones and the rest of the world as well as for the world to thank Japan.  The design originated from the geographical and the spiritual as Environmental design tent

  • Shigeo Shitara


    Environmental design tent

  • Shigehisa Kitatani Environmental design tent

  • Hideko Tachikawa


    Environmental design tent

  • Kei Uesugi Environmental design tent

  • Tomomi Fujiwara


    Environmental design tent

  • Tien Le

    Japan is in Our Hearts

    The concept for my design is a visual play on abstract shapes. The red circle is the universal symbol of Japan.  The other half of the heart shape is an abstract figure whose curving arms are raising Japan up. Together, they form a united heart. The &l Environmental design tent

  • Luz Maria Aguilar Beltran

    Free word

    Inspired in the japanese calligraphy. people started learning calligraphy since little kids, parents must encourage that hability in a dinamic way.

    Environmental design tent

  • Olena Sydoruk


    Inspired by seating created of hands, 4-legged stool is easy to assemble and requires no screws, nails or glue. One leg is weak, but with support of other 3 it creates a strong structure as people of different races and nationalities come together to support each other and the coun Environmental design tent

  • Stephanie Esparza Sanchez

    Discovering Love

    Inspired in the Kanji for Love, a tableware set was developed from the form of the Kanji. Trying to express that there is no need for Japan to thank for the aid, because our human condition makes us become solidary in times of need. Better off, THANK YOU JAPAN for ope Environmental design tent

  • Jose Carlos Salas


    Concept based in unity , generosity , strenght ,and Sharing. 2 seats made in Tzalam Wood that when you place them together it forms an isle and the possibility of sharing,Japan is Thankful for the help and offers a space to the world to Share their ideas (which is the table conform Environmental design tent

  • Robert J Downer & Jermaine Paul

    Dom Arigato - The Bowing House

    Dom Arigato is a house inspired by the iconic form of a bow of thanks. The concept of the bowing house is to give the house a human-like character and soul that respects and engages with residents, visitors and the environment.

    Environmental design tent

  • David Salvador

    Love letter to Japan

    Urban furniture that serves as a publicity and informative space. It combines both structural and abstract elements of the cherry tree, origami and antique maps. Love letter to Japan has a subway map, a reading area and a writing area (blank spaces) where the user can Environmental design tent

  • Ana Karen Becerra Merida


    Based in the traditional Bento, brought to a contemporary scenario where is used as an object of union between people sharing a meal. Created as a gift for the Japanese people who opened the doors of their homes  and invited us in. The basic concept is to bring peace, love and g Environmental design tent

  • Atsushi Mizuguchi


    Environmental design tent

  • Jun Maeda Environmental design tent

  • Stephanie Haro Espinosa

    Womb of Love

    The main idea of this design is to recreate the mother’s womb in the most abstract ways representing the purest and altruist love bond between a mother and a child. Within an explosion of warm colors defining love as a curative undeniable feeling accompanying an endless Environmental design tent

  • chips Environmental design tent

  • Christopher Sjoberg


    Taking inspiration from the bur, the Burrigato is designed to show gratitude to others anonymously for their small acts of kindness in a very small way. Its own small barbs allow it to attach to clothing, delivering its gift to the recipient as a silent surprise and planting a se Environmental design tent

  • Yuto Wachi


    Environmental design tent

  • Koji Mizutani(MERRY PROJECT) Environmental design tent



    Environmental design tent

  • Makoto Oda

    stars on the ground

    Environmental design tent

  • Itsumi Kashu


    Environmental design tent



    Environmental design tent

  • Joyce Lauw, Pianne Chan

    "A for arigato"

    As we all know Japanese Apple is one of the most famous Japan agricultural products. Therefore, we would love to use Apple to represent the warmest thankfulness to those who support Japan during this diffiuclt time. "A" not only for Apple but also for arigato from Japan! Environmental design tent

  • Environmental design tent

  • Alex Vanderbilt

    In addition to adding "Arigato" to the English dictionary, I thought it would be proper to have to represented to the deaf community as well. The first seven frames spell out "Arigato" in American Sign Language. The last frame is a proposed sign for "Arigato", one that encompasses love and camara Environmental design tent

  • Daryoush Tahmasebi



    Environmental design tent

  • Justin de los Angeles

    Growing Gratitude

    The concept of the artwork is focused on using nature, wildlife, and plant life, to metaphorically portray the growth of love and gratitude in our world(hence, the roses forming the shape of a heart). When we show support for those in need, those in need show thanks and g Environmental design tent

  • Atsushi Nakazawa


    Environmental design tent

  • Erika Hara Environmental design tent

  • Bert Projahn

    I Love Japan

    Pin-back button (37mm)

    Environmental design tent

  • Ryo Ishimatsu Environmental design tent

  • Ayako Nishijima Environmental design tent

  • Noemi Lopez

    Mugs for Japan

    A hug is a way of welcome, consolation, and love to someone who feels alone. “Mugs for Japan” are cappuccino mugs intended to transmit the warmth felt through a sincere hug. Each mug embraces the hands and passes on a sensation of warmness thanks to the hot bever Environmental design tent

  • Michiyo Ito

    to be happy

    Environmental design tent

  • Michael-Etienne Edwards

    Public Display of Affection

    We love you Japan. This red dress is a result of interpreting love, Japan, and inspired by the Japanese, beautifully suited cartoon heroines I've always loved. Please continue to dream beautiful dreams. Arigato!

    Environmental design tent

  • Noemi Lopez

    Hold Up

    Tea cups divided into two pieces, one represents Japan and the other represents world support with the black color as symbol of strength. Is meant to demonstrate how world’s unity has been essential to the Japanese community. The white part is placed on a table only with the Environmental design tent

  • Renee Garcia Gudino

    kiku- choko

    Based on the chrysanthemum flower, its a small cup of sake or tea.The petal of chrysanthemum that embraces the cup represents the unity and force of the Japanese for overcoming the hard times this country has been through. Forehead the adversity a petal of the imperial flower.W Environmental design tent

  • Shino Kojima Environmental design tent

  • Cristina Cortes Gomez

    Serenata to Japan

    Serenata is when you express love and happiness with the help of the MARIACHI a typical mexican group. I took the strings of the instruments and the traditional hat to make my design,it is a product to have fun and feel part of it.With this swing I want to give a little p Environmental design tent

  • Lorena Balcazar Mercado


    Mochiageru, it's a chair, inspired in the support given by many countries to Japan, which helped them get back on their feet, and grow as high as the mountains.

    Environmental design tent